Membership Benefits

Physiotherapy involves various electrical procedures aimed at achieving miorelaxant, vasculotrophic, neurovegetative and analgesic regulation effects.

Very important! In order for the doctor to assess the potential contraindications and at the same time to determine the best treatment for you, it is helpful to consult with blood tests, other types of investigations and consultations, MRIs, CTs and radiographs.

Physiotherapy subscribers can only be purchased following a consultation with our specialist physician.

Consultation program, specialist in medical recovery: Every Monday between 15:00 and 17:00.

Main contraindications:

    Menstrual period;
    Cardiac pacemaker;
    Current or past cancer;
    Skin lesions;
    Acute infections;
    Metal prostheses, as well as other conditions that the doctor establishes.


For hypertensive patients, a salt-free diet is recommended during treatment.


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