Salt room

The salt caves have a specific micro climate due to its exceptional bacteriological cleanliness. The salty ionized air is very good for your respiratory system. Regular sessions into the salt cave have spectacular ameliorative and prophylactic effects.

Ionized breath

One hour of rich salty ionized air which boosts your immune system. You can spend this time reading, listening to music or simply enjoying your time in here.

  • Effective time: 60 min
  • Price / session: 15 lei children under 12 / 25 lei children above 12 / 40 lei adults
  • Price for 8 sessions: 100 lei children under 12 / 170 lei children above 12 / 270 lei adults
  • Price for 16 sessions: 180 lei children under 12 / 300 lei children above 12 / 480 lei adults

* Prices are for unaccompanied children. A child and an accompanying adult get a special price of 10 lei/session.
* Prices grant adults’ access to Tepidarium, Relaxing Area, showers and lockers. The towels, slippers and gowns are provided free of charge.
* In the Relaxing Area tea, water and fruits are free of charge.
* In the Relaxing Area access is permitted using gowns and slippers only.