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185.00 ron

138.75 ron
185.00  lei
  • Take your girlfriends at the spa and dream about a tropical holiday.
  • Papaya and Pineapple body scrub
  • Swedish relaxation massage
  • Access included to Relaxing Area

90.00 ron

67.50 ron
90.00  lei
  • Celebrate your birthday at spa with your closer friends.
  • Facial relaxation mini treatment
  • or
  • Aromatic relaxation massage
  • Access included to Relaxing Areas

150.00 ron

112.50 ron
150.00  lei
  • Pamper yourself and your girlfriends with one day at spa.
  • Fruits body scrub
  • or
  • Six steps mini facial treatment
  • Antistress head, neck &
  • shoulders Massag
  • Access included to Relaxing Areas

125.00 ron

93.75 ron
125.00  lei
  • Take care of your skin, take your friends and be forever young with roses aromas.
  • Roses antiaging body wrap
  • Facial massage with roses nectar
  • Access included to Relaxing Areas

200.00 ron

150.00 ron
200.00  lei
  • Celebrate with your wedding with your brides made at the spa.
  • Aromatic face and body massage
  • or
  • Aromatic Fruits full body scrub and wrap
  • Sparkling wine
  • Access included to Relaxing Areas.

145.00 ron

108.75 ron
145.00  lei
  • Take your friends and be stress less with this great therapy.
  • Lavender oil Swedish relaxation massage
  • Hot stone back mini massage
  • Hot towel cold stone facial massage
  • Access included to Relaxing Areas

260.00 ron

195.00 ron
260.00  lei
  • Relaxing moments and self care ritual for you and your friends.
  • Figs and dates full body scrub
  • Relaxation massage with figs and date shea butter
  • Six steps mini facial therapy
  • Access included to Relaxing Areas

110.00 ron

82.50 ron
110.00  lei
  • Pamper your friends at spa with a surprise party.
  • Antistress head, neck & shoulders massage
  • Shiatsu facial treatment
  • Access include to Relaxing Areas
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*Scheduling a gift card can be done by paying it.
**The validity of the gift cards is 6 months from the date of purchase.


"Spa" brings together in a single concept health, beauty and relaxation!


We are trying to offer a complete spa experience through the attention of details and dedication to the customer. The 7 years of experience have taught us that every customer is unique and needs personalized service. Through the ” Orhideea Spa Specialty” therapies, we try to focus our attention on the main needs pointed out by our clients.


Choose a massage to relax at the spa. A weekly massage session will help you reduce muscular and articular pains, eliminate the toxins, boosts your immunity and makes you feel much better.


More energetic, healthier! Holistic treatments based on drainage, detoxification and elimination of accumulated stresses.


The therapeutic massage eliminates muscle pains and recharges the body with energy through a series of special techniques. The main purpose of this massage is to preserve and improve the health condition, healing and improving certain pathological states of the human body and rehabilitating to life and daily work.


SPA is about taking care of your body by means of a various therapies: exfoliation that will remove dead cells and impurities away from the surface of your skin, wrapping that will detoxify, reinvigorate and hydrate the skin. Other anti-aging or cellulite reduction masks or treatments are also available. Costumed treatments can be made especially for you depending on each need of the person.


SPA ritual is the perfect choice for a treatment at the SPA! Anti-aging tropical fruits, chocolate, coffee and green tea enhance skin appearance and combat cellulite, anti-stress lavender, and wine with detoxifying properties offers an unforgettable experience!


The wonderful nine months of pregnancy bring two hearts beating in the same body. Throught the relaxation touch of the massage this bond between mother and her child is very much enhanced. A various treatments created for pregnant women or for those who brestfeed, very rich in hydrating ingredients.”


Share the benefits and joy of a massage with someone you love! Two therapists will massage you both, simultaneously. You and your loved one will have a special experience while this massage is being delivered to you in the cozy atmosphere of the couple massage room.


Complete your chosen therapies with mini-treatments to personalize your spa experience! Mini-facial treatments complement body therapies with drainage and micro lifting benefits, hot or cold volcanic stones have decontractive and refreshing effects, and foot treatments remove the accumulated fatigue.


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Nowadays the spa it is a personal renewal place for people who live in the stressful 21st century. Orhideea Spa was born out of passion for wellbeing, a concept that we understand as a life style that breaks the daily routines and worries and focuses on physical, mental and emotional health. We try to offer inspiration for a healthy life style in a beautiful environment that wonders all senses throughout the continuous presence of the spa aromas, therapies music, and colour variations.


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