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Aromatic Facial Treatment
It is a fast rejuvenating treatment which helps to refresh the complexion by giving a radiant, rested and fresh aspect. Instantaneous energy for tired complexion. It is ideal before an event or just to keep the results of a facial treatment care. This treatment does not contain extractions but the additional steps to this phase. The goal is to induce a good state, relaxation and breaking, through a facial massage, cervical area and scalp with aromatic oils of sweet almonds, mask and cream to equilibrate and energize the complexion. It also includes a facial treatment (eyebrows pluck, dye and shave upper lip), upon request.

180.00 lei

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  • Tired, devitalized, dehydrated, irritated skin
  • Radiant, shiny, hydrated, revitalized, balanced skin
  • Skin diseases, open wounds