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After a summer in which our skin was under the hot heat of the sun and dehydration , the therapy goal is to nourish and balance the skin through a facial treatment with A and E vitamin an manu minerals together with a special treatment for the eyes with hyperbaric oxigen, re-establishing the elasticity , firmness and luminosity of the skin. Moreover, the decoltee and the arms were exposed to the sun and for that it is needed a anti aging treatment which consists in a papaya and pineapple exfoliation and nutritive mango mask.

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  • For dehydrated, wrinkled or sensitive skin A skin that has been exposed to the sun
  • A skin that requires regeneration.
  • Calming and harmonizing the skin
  • Freshness, deep hydration
  • Balances the skin Strengthening and stabilizing the skin due to minerals and oligoemesties
  • For a look of resilient and silky skin
  • Localized or generalized serious infectious diseases Inflammatory and infectious diseases of the skin Any contagious disease Epilepsy