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De-aging Papaya & Pineapple Body Scrub

A holistic treatment recuperation of the skin health.

The skin is exfoliated and a delicate scrub which turn into foam and slowly frees negative and reparatory ions in the epidermis, for an ideal equilibrium and a better inhalation of the ingredients. The papaya and pineapple aromatics, offers a general state to relaxation and energizes you.

120.00 lei

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  • People with dry skin, dehydrate, loss of vitality due the prolonged exposure to the sun
  • Nourishes and mineralizes the skin
  • Removing of the death cells on the skin’s surface
  • Circulation stimulation
  • Hydration and softening the skin
  • Dermathological affections : eczema, itching with various causes, psoriasis, allergies to certain ingridients
  • Certain wounds at the tegmental level
  • Sensitive skin or irritated after shaving