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Energising Cocktail
The hot summer days offer us a peace, an energy and a state of well-being that only the favorite season of the sun can fulfill. From the first days of summer, the whole body enjoys the sun, the vitamin, the smiling and green nature; we are charged with an energy that entices our soul and body. Embrace nature and complete the list of treats with an energizing spa treatment. The treatment begins with a detoxifying exfoliation with Indonesian green tea scrub, continues with a relaxing massage with almond oil flavored with green tea and ends with a spa facial treatment to moisturize the skin.

Cherish your body and soul and enjoy sunny and relaxing days at the spa.

440.00 lei

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  • People with high level of stress
  • Migraine, and muscular contracture
  • Asthenia.
  • Stress and fatigue relief
  • Improved focus
  • It atenuates the pains and muscular cramps
  • It offers the complexion vitality
  • Energizes and invigorates the body.
  • Inflamed or infected skin
  • Severe cardiac disease where local warming could lead to pulse and TA disturbances
  • Acute pulmonary affections
  • Epilepsy
  • Severe acne.