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Exotic Ritual
A chocolate treat is one of the best spa treatments you can give yourself. It is essential to repair our skin from summer's long days in the sun, as the rays leaves our skin damaged, dry and lackluster. Cocoa is known for its nourishing properties and is recommended especially for dry skin in winter. With this wonderful treatment with chocolate and peppermint flavors the skin will regain its healthy glow. At the same time, the exotic maneuvers of the traditional Hawaiian massage, Lomi Lomi, will restore the balance of mind - soul - body, with the thought of the sunny islands. The Japanese facial at the end of the pack will remind you what your well-being means.

420.00 lei

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  • People with energy imbalances
  • Accumulated fatigue
  • Stress states
  • Insomnia Migraines, headaches. Myalgia, muscle contractures
  • Poor circulation
  • Dehydrated and devoid skin.
  • Helps to eliminate toxins
  • It renders the skin elasticity and firmness
  • Muscle pain, spasms and joint pain are diminished
  • Energizing and stimulating effect of the CNS
  • Accelerates the assimilation of oxygen at the cellular level and the metabolic rate
  • Increases kidney activity
  • Helps eliminate edema
  • Removes fatigue and stress
  • It increases the sensitivity in the skin
  • Nourishing and softening of the skin
  • Creates general relaxation in the body
  • Hydrates and restores the vitality of the skin
  • Improving the quality of sleep
  • Relief of headaches, migraines
  • Induction of a state of general relaxation.
  • Severe heart disease
  • Hypertension
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Pronounced, varicose veins
  • Skin disorders (acne, keratosis, infections, open wounds)
  • Large or small hematomas, wounds on tissues, muscles
  • Febrile state
  • Pregnant women
  • Any contagious disease
  • Hernia
  • People with altered tactile or painful sensory perceptions
  • Balance disorders, dizziness, epilepsy.