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Krauter Implant System (K.I.S - phytopeeling) 2 sessions
Krauter Implant System ( KIS) (The implantation of plants system ) it is a concept of complexion skin to improve the aspect of it. A natural alternative of chemical peeling. It is method of biological renew of the complexion, through a natural peeling , from chopped plants of a certain size up to nanoparticles which assure a deep penetration in the complexion. It has a maxim efficiency and ideal results in case of disordered pigmentation, scars, acne, dilatated pores, wrinkles and a complexion that needs regeneration.

1300.00  lei 975.00 lei

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  • Complexion with impurities, acne, scars
  • Pigmentation disorders
  • Wrinkles, atrophyc skin
  • Skin woth dilated pores
  • Exposed skin to the sun
  • Smoothing the skin, diminuates the scars and wrinkles
  • Closing the dilated pores
  • Diminuates the spots, deep cleaning of complexion
  • Stimulates the skin’s regenaration
  • To fortify the conjuctive tissue
  • Stimulates the imminuty system
  • Gives the skin firmness
  • Antioxidant effect
  • It give the complexion a young, radiant and heathy aspect
  • Skin affecions, infections with bacteria due to a cortisone treatment, heart problems, pregnancy