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The laser represents a procedure which applies  a luminous  radiation that is  absorbed at the cutaneous level (a few mm) to favour  and accelerate  the natural  healing procedures of the body.

The effects  of the laser treatment are:  the  recovery of the  wounded tissues and hematomas  slowly disappearance, the  nervous  recovery  and  the  reduction of edemas.

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  • ulcer varicosity – wounds bedsore , sinusitis, otitis, sprains ,  strains, squeals, posttraumatic, muscular  stretching and  fracture

  • Articular
  • Rheumatism: inflammation of the tendons, the inflammation of the serous membrane
  • Degenerative , arthrosis with
  • Different location
  • Neuralgia, neuritis
  • Painful syndromes, various types  through laser puncture
  • Hematomas

  • infectious  diseases, febrile moods, pulmonary inflammations

  • Cardiac pacemaker or other  stimulators
  • Glaucoma
  • Metallic implants
  • The wounded tegument  areas (infections, dermatosis, wounds )
  • Malign tumors or cutaneous areas subject to irradiations, suspicion of cancer
  • Psychotics