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Luminous Skin Treatment
Special treatment for spotted complexion. A revolutionary combination of efficient substances which stop the excessive production on melamine to the depth of derma and decolorates at the same time the complexion – on long term, without side effects. The dark spots on the complexion are signs that the complexion produces excessive melamine, so many time as too much exposure to the aggressive UV rays. The hormones, some diseases, medicines, metabolism disorder can influence the melamine production. The people who suffer from this affection have to avoid sun exposure. If it is exposed to sun, then the complexion has to be protected with SPF cream.

360.00 lei

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  • Complexion with pigmentation problems
  • Skin that needs regeneration
  • Affected complexion due to the excessive exposure to the sun
  • Skin with aging spots
  • Elimination of superficial pigmentation spots and reduction of the deep ones
  • A clear and shyning complexion
  • The complexion becomes more silky and has a fresh and healthy aspect
  • Affections of the skin, open wounds and acne