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Magnetic Field
Magneto therapy is a  non-aggressive therapeutic method  on the base  of the  of the  magnetic  component effect of the electromagnetic field upon the human tissue.  The  main effects upon of the tissues  are vessel dilatation, the analgesia, mio-relaxation and the reduction of the inflammation

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  • Articular affections (arthrosis,  close to the articulation rheumatism, inflammatory rheumatism , post traumatic sequel )

  • For hyperactive patients is  recommended  a diet without salt  during the treatment

  • people who have pace maker

  • People  with severe  blood diseases (anemia, leucosis, thrombopenia- lack of thrombocytes in the blood)
  • Hemorrhagic moods –at any level
  • Active infectious  diseases,   febrile moods
  • Malign  tumors
  • Hepatic decompensate insufficiency
  • Renal decompensate insufficiency
  • Severe endocrine syndromes, decompensate or advanced  with complication (acromegaly, Basedow diseases, Cushing, Addison )
  • Active  tuberculosis – indifferent of the localization