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Membership Card Share

Membership Card – A document which confirms the membership as member of OSPA. Except for the share card which is not transmissible. The validity of the card is of 12 months from its activation.

The Share Membership Card – a membership card for a group of people who share the right of membership at Orhideea Spa. There will be issued only one card which is transmissible. The Share members have access according to the membership card purchased. The access is for maximum 2 people simultaneous, maximum twice a day.
To benefit the monthly day passes it is necessary to become a member of Orhideea Health & Spa center by purchasing a membership card.

The monthly passes can be purchased only in the period of validity of the membership card (12 months from its activation ) and the last entrance of the monthly day pass cannot overrun the expiration of the membership card.

The monthly passes you can choose are All inclusive and Active. During the period of validity of the member ship card you can choose the same type of monthly pass or you can alternate depending on the frequency and choices. The monthly passes does not imply a limit number of entrances and there is no limit the hours spent in the spa center.

After contracting the membership contract, the memberships will get a free All Inclusive monthly pass (first month) to decide upon the frequency in the spa center and the type of monthly pass.

The monthly pass includes the access to the center’s facilities, additional services are not included (massages, facial treatments, other types of monthly passes with personal trainer)

The member has unlimited access in the center’s areas, according to the type of monthly pass purchased and the children under 16 year old have limit access as it follows: To full time monthly passes: , from Monday to Friday, in the interval 07:00- 20:00 (the last hour of entrance 19:00), Sunday , in the interval 09:00- 20:00 (the last hour of entrance 19:00) and for Happy Hours passes from Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 18:00 (last access time 17.00), only in the pool area and only accompanied by an adult.

* After the purchasing of the membership card you can choose from the second month for monthly passes or for monthly day pass from members. The card offers the flexibility to alternate the monthly passes with daily passes, to purchase the services you wish to benefit and according to the frequency you have in the spa center. Also, you can choose not to purchase the two types of passes, if the respective month or period, you do not want to frequent the center.

700.00 eur