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Overwork Therapy
Working at the office, not respecting the lunch break, precarious hydration, staying over work scheduale, it brings itself the suprasolicitation of the body. The treatment starts with a rejuvenating of the feet, exfoliaxion with alum scrub and energetic massage of the feet. It continues with a relaxation massage fro the back muscles with hot stones, eliminating the pains and muscular tensions. The packet includes also a energetic facial treatment with aromatic towels and cold stones.

170.00 lei

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  • People who work under stress
  • Chronical tiredness, oversolicitation
  • Elimination of stress and tiredness
  • Attenuates pain and muscular cramps
  • Improves the blood circulation and limpha
  • Invigorates and hydrates the skin
  • Improves the power of concentration
  • It creates general relaxation of the body
  • Severe local or general infectious affections
  • Inflammatory and infectious affections of the skin
  • Acute pulmonary affections
  • Acute cardiocirculatory affections- angina pectoris, heart failure, heart block
  • Acute affections of the alimentary canal
  • Febrile state