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Problematic Acne Skin Treatment
The dermato- cosmetic treatment, for greasy complexion, which represents a abundant secretion of sebum, black spots, pimple ( white spots), which has camphor base, an extract of green tea, vitamins A, C and B5- ingredients with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, nutritive, regenerating emollient and relaxing properties.

No matter the type of complexion, the wet in the air, the UV rays, stress and hormonal disorder can generate a “disequilibrium” regarding the health’s complexion and can go to the appearance of pimps and acne. So this treatment offers special products whose ingredients are made specially for this type of problems.

360.00 lei

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  • Greasy skin, with, high secretion of sebum, black spots, pimples, acne
  • Deep and intensive cleaning
  • Control the formation of callus of the palms and feet
  • Control de sebum secretion
  • Anti- inflammatory
  • To fortify the protective barrier of the complexion for an uniform aspect of the skin
  • Dry , sensitive complexion, rosacea, diabetes, affection of skin, open wounds