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Quick facial renewal
A quick treatment to refresh the skin. It offers a luminous, firm skin even from the first session.

This treatment combines two functions of the Oxigenara Pro device, according to needs and particularities of each type of skin.

Microdermabrasion with diamond particles – it exfoliates the skin deeply, increasing collagen and elastin production, it helps cellular regeneration and it enhances the overall look of the skin; it stimulates the epidermis and blood circulation, eliminating skin pigmentation and age spots.

Hyperbaric Oxygen – 98% pure, under pressure oxygen penetrates the most profound layers of your skin, enhancing cellular respiration and stimulating blood circulation.

Virtual Mesotherapy – favors the penetration of active ingredients, it greatly increases skin permeability for both ionic and nonionic substances by creating a reversible lipid bilateral aqueous channel, allowing those substances to be introduced and absorbed into the skin’s dermis layer.

Multipolar Radiofrequency – enhances blood circulation and collagen production, restoring a lifting aspect to the face.

Oxygen Photon Mask with Soft Infrared Laser – a mask with infrared light and hyperbaric oxygen that stimulates cellular metabolism, accelerates blood circulation, restores tonus and elasticity to the skin and it has a strong anti-aging.

Possible combinations:

- Microdermabrasion with diamond particles, continued with multipolar radiofrequency help increasing collagen and elastin production, enhance skin texture, eliminate wrinkles, restore skin firmness and offer an instant lifting aspect to the face.

- Microdermabrasion with diamond particles, continued with virtual mesotherapy help cellular regeneration, skin hydration and fading away pigmentation and spots. Virtual mesotherapy favors the penetration of concentrated substances (95% active ingredients).
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  • Dull skin that lacks elasticity or firmness
  • Pots acne scars
  • Flaccid skin with pouches
  • Dermatologic pathologies of the face, hyperpigmentation, acne, cutaneous laxity, rosacea
  • Expression fine lines
  • Dehydrated, dull skin
  • Dilated pores
  • Double chin
  • Scars, post-surgical and post-trauma edemas.
  • It restores the elasticity and luminosity of the skin
  • It replaces the traditional, invasive treatments with Botox or hyaluronic acid It oxygenates the tissues and activates microcirculation
  • It stimulates collagen and elastin production
  • It improves the general health of your skin
  • Infusion of active nutrients in the epidermis
  • Immediate, lasting results.
  • Pregnancy or lactation
  • Persons who are on steroids treatment
  • Severe skin conditions
  • Renal or hepatic conditions
  • Cancer history, especially skin cancer or pre-malign moles
  • Pacemaker or internal defibrillator, neurostimulator or another implanted devices (multipolar radiofrequency!)
  • Metallic implants or any other implants in the area to be treated (multipolar radiofrequency!)
  • Immunosuppressive conditions/medication
  • Any recent invasive or non-invasive surgical procedure that was performed in the area to be treated, three months before the treatment.

Product Description

Tratament rapid pentru reimprospatarea pielii. Ofera luminozitate si fermitate tenului inca de la prima sedinta.

Tratamentul consta in imbinarea a doua functii ale aparatului Oxigenera Pro, in functie de necesitatile si particularitatile fiecarui tip de ten.

Microdermoabraziunea cu particule de diamant ajuta la indepartarea celulelor moarte de la suprafata pielii; exfoliaza pielea in profunzime sporind productia de colagen si elastina, ajuta la regenerarea celulara si imbunatateste starea generala a pielii; stimuleaza epiderma si circulatia sanguina, eliminand petele pigmentare si semnele de imbatranire. 

Oxigen Hiperbaric – oxigenul de puritate 98%, sub presiune, este introdus in cele mai profunde straturi ale pielii imbunatatind respiratia celulara si stimuland circulatia sangvina.

Mezoterapie virtuala – penetreaza in profunzime principiile active, creste semnificativ permeabilitatea pielii atat pentru substante ionice cat si pentru substante nonionice si actioneaza asupra structurilor lipidice determinand deschiderea unor canaliculi transmembranare.

Radiofrecventa multipolara – sporeste circulatia sangvina si productia de colagen, oferind pielii un aspect de lifting.

Phooton Oxygen Mask cu infrared Soft Laser – o masca cu lumina infrarosu si oxygen hyperbaric care imbunatateste activitatea celulara prin stimularea metabolismului cellular. Accelereaza circulatia sangvina, reda tonusul si elasticitatea pielii, are un puternic efect anti-age reparand pielea in profunzime

Exemple de tratament posibile:

  • Microdermoabraziunea cu particule de diamant, continuata cu radiofrecventa multipolara ajuta la cresterea productiei de colagen, imbunatatirea texturii pielii, eliminarea ridurilor si redarea fermitatii pielii; confera tenului un aspect de lifting instant, ii ofera luminozitatea fiind un tratament rapid de intinerire.
  • Microdermoabraziunea cu particule de diamant, continuata cu mezoterapia virtuala ajuta la regenerarea celulara, la estomparea petelor si hidratarea tenului. Mezoterapia virtuala ajuta la penetrarea in profunzime (95% ingredienti activi) a unor substante concentrate potrivite fiecarui tip de ten in parte, in functie de necesitate sau afectiune.

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Sedinta 50 minute, Abonament 6 sedinte