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Postural Global Reeducation
It is an important and revolutionary method of rehabilitation, which bases on the practice of positions of stretching progressive and active of the antigravitational muscles (static and fiber nature. It is effectuated by the therapist with the active participation of the patient.

RPG has as a final objective to renew the general static and dynamic equilibrium of the body that was affected by the spontaneous intervention of the defense mechanism against the extreme factors.

The Principle of RPG bases on the postures of muscular active stretching, which has the goal of placing the evident chains of muscular tension, the tendons’ and membranes’ tension that cover the muscles. (those that block the individual in the equilibrium position). The postures provoke active extension ( the active participation of the individual) and a posterior relaxation on the contracted and stiff muscles chains. To be efficient. It has to be in a systematic way, general, different from other types of treatments. . A special attention is given by the breath. The repercussions are many such as: motoric, static, digestive, circular, mental and emotional. Good function of the respiratory muscles and especially the diaphragm it is necessary for a correct equilibrium.

RPG is addressed to all people, even to children, after 8, for prevention and also as treatment.

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