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Serene Sleep
The quality of sleep affects the body's health, especially during summer, when the nights become shorter. Lavender is known for its soothing, anti-stress and sleeping qualities. Relaxation, well-being and restful sleep all lie in this lavender flavor treatment. The treatment starts with a delicate scrub with lavender for the body and continues with a relaxing massage with heated oil and floral aromas. Shiatsu facial massage at the end of this treatment relieves the body and offers general relaxation. Throughout the treatment, you will be relaxed with an infusion of essential lavender oils, and the imagination will translate into a flourish lavender field.

290.00 lei

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  • Accentuated tiredness
  • High level of stress
  • Pains and muscular contractures
  • Insomnia
  • Respiratory affections
  • Stress and fatigue relief
  • It atenuates the pains and muscular cramps
  • Improved blood and lymph circulation
  • Helps eliminate body toxins
  • Improved digestion
  • Firm skin
  • It fortifies the immunity system
  • Inducing sleep
  • Entire body relaxation.
  • Infectious and/or inflammatory skin conditions
  • Acute febrile conditions
  • Bone or articular conditions
  • Severe cardiac and pulmonary conditions
  • Circulatory conditions, high blood pressure
  • Severe digestive conditions
  • Epilepsy.