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Spring Break
Peppermint used in the form of essential oils is an excellent stimulant and general tonic, helping the body to fight fatigue, migraines and asthenia. The aroma of mint welcomes, soothes and invigorates. A peppermint massage is always recommended, but in seasonal changes it is absolutely necessary for the recovery of energy. The package contains a refreshing, body massage with sweet mint essential oil and a facial massage with hot and cold stones. Throughout the treatment, your senses will be spoiled with an infusion of mint.

260.00 lei

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  • People with high level of stress
  • Accumulated tiredness
  • Insomnia, Migraine
  • Muscular pain and muscular contractures
  • Poor circulation
  • It increases the level of sensitivity of the skin
  • It helps the process to eliminate the toxins
  • It gives back the skins’s elasticity
  • It diminuates the muscular and circulation pains, spasms
  • It increases the effect of energy and stimulation of SNC
  • It accelerates the asimilation of the oxygen a the celullar level and metabolic rhytm
  • It increases the kidneys’activity
  • It helps to eliminate the edemas
  • The severe cardiac affections
  • Hyper blood pressure
  • Hyper thyroid
  • Accentuated dilated veins, varicose veins Affections of the skin (acne, infections open wounds)
  • Febrile states
  • Pregnant women
  • Epilepsy
  • Various affections that heat can worse the general state