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Spring Joy
In the spring, the human body must restore the necessary vitamins and minerals it was deprived of in winter. Fatigue, drowsiness, lack of energy are manifestations of the body that needs a detoxification cure. Skin detoxification is an important step in this process of restoring the body, and a spa treatment is the most appropriate. The package contains a detoxifying exfoliation with green tea scrub, an anti-stress pack with Acerola and a toning massage with sweet almond oil and green tea.

445.00 lei

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  • Accumulated tiredness
  • The people that work under stress
  • Pain and muscular pains
  • Reduces mobility of the arms and legs and other chronical articulation problems
  • People who have a repetitive physical work that puts pressure on the muscles and articulations.
  • It eliminates stress and tiredness
  • It atenuates the pains muscular cramps
  • It improves the blood circulation anad limpha
  • It helps to eliminate the toxins from the body
  • It improves the digestion
  • It tonifies the skin
  • It strengthens the immunity system
  • It improves the power of concentration
  • It induces a relaxing sleep
  • It creates a general relaxation of the body
  • Cutanate affections of infectious or inflamatory nature Acute febrile affections Bones articulations Cardiac and severe pulmonary affections Circulatory affections, arterial hyper blood Pressure acute affections of the digetive system Epilepsy Pregnancy