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Stress Buster
An anti- stress treatment with Acerola, wild cherry rich in magnesium helps the nervous system to induce relaxation.

Enjoy your mindd, soul and body with an amazing antistress experience at the spa. The stres is the main reason for which appear so many affections : headeaches, lack of energy, tiredness. The body has its own body system but many times it can give in and needs help. Tha magnesium is known for being a strong enemy fir stress, so we recommend this packet of therapies with acerola, lavender, citrus and other aromatic oils and herbs esential rich in magnesium. The treatment starts with with an atistress wrap with acerola then continues with a minifacial treatment and an aromatic massage with essential oils. During the massage you will have a lavender infusion.

370.00 lei

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  • People with energetical unbalance, high level of stress. Chronical tiredness Insomnia Cephalalgia
  • It re-establishes the physical and emotional balance
  • It strenghtnes the immunity system
  • It improves the quality of the sleep
  • It treats the headaches and improves the cold symptoms
  • It releases the strees moods. General energy. Cellular regeneration.
  • Persoane care nu suporta mirosurile uleiurilor aromatice
  • Femei insarcinate si care alapteaza
  • Orice boala contagioasa
  • Stari de convalescenta dupa boli grave, fracture, etc.
  • Hematoame mari sau mici, rani pe tesuturi, muschi
  • Persoane cu perceptiile senzoriale tactila sau dureroasa alterate
  • Hipertensiune arteriala, boli cardiace grave, epilepsie.