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Therma Vital Facial Treatment
A treatment rich in natural and pure minerals with oligopeptide for a balanced complexion, regenerated fresh and revigorated. Due to its 84 natural and mineral properties and micro elements such as natrium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, this treatment is very efficient and fine for the complexion’s health. After a deep cleaning (extractions of pimples and black spots ). Thermal Vital mask calms and regenerates the tissues, hydrates and hyposensitize and the wrinkles are reduced.

It is ideal in the treatment of rosacea. The facial massage, cervical area and the scalp reduces the stress and migraine, improve the texture and the facial muscular tonus, drains the lymph and stimulates the collagen and elastin fibers and slowly disperse heat through muscles, stimulate cellular exchanges increase the blood circulation, balance neuromuscular mechanisms and evacuate residual toxins.

360.00 lei

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  • Sensitive complexion that needs hydration, irritated, exfoliation, acne which require regeneration
  • Helps the completion healing
  • Accelerates the irrigation of the skin and stimulates the circulation
  • Equilibrates and hyposensitizes the complexion
  • Fresh sensation and deep hydration
  • Intensification and stabilization of the complexion
  • Calmig and armonization of the exposed skin in the sun
  • Mineralization and addition of energy for an elastic and more rezistent complexin
  • Skin affections, open wounds, people who suffer from accentuated claustrophobia