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It includes different procedures that warm the surface or deep tissues, procedures which can be electric through infrared radiations or paraffin.
The effect of the thermotherapy are mio relaxing and analgesic to which it is added   the effects  of the substances  that are used (mud  and paraffin).

The paraffin wrap consists of application of melted paraffin on a certain area of the body, inducing an uniform warm of the tegument to 38-40 degrees Celsius an intensive plethora of the sub cutaneous, next to the process of hyper transpiration.
The  paraffin wrap  produces capillary vessel dilatation, assuring a good  circulation of the blood  in the area where is applied, activating the  local metabolism and hurrying the  medical recuperation process.

Solux Lampa stimulates the sanguine circulation of the  skin so that  the  metabolism of the area increases. The infrared light has a stimulation effect, supporting  directly the  healing processes.7

For hyperactive patients is  recommended  a diet without salt  during the treatment

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  • degenerative  and inflammatory rheumatic affections   and post traumatic  of the  kinetic astro  muscular

  • Affections of the peripheric  nervous system
  • The  poor  peripheric circulation  ( the syndrome of the cold  hands and feet)
  • It gives  back the mobility of the articulations
  • Muscular de contracture

  • acute inflammations

  • Cardio respiratory insufficiency
  • Arterial hyper  blood  pressure
  • Dermatological affections
  • Cancerous affections
  • During pregnancy
  • Acute affections with additional conditions that the doctor determines  them at a consulting