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Ultrasonophoresis is a medical treatment  in which a  medical  substance is which is introduced in the body with the help of  the ultrasound energy.

The fundamental effect,  which has the base for  all the  other effects and mechanisms activated  by the ultrasonic  applications , is the warming of the deep structures  due to the mechanic  effect  the  ultrasounds transmit to the structures.

For hyperactive patients is  recommended  a diet without salt  during the treatment.

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  • Algic sequela after lumbar herniated disc and operated  cervical.
    Posttraumatic  moods  (after contusions,  sprains, strains, post immobilization contractures, breaks  or muscular stretching)
    Degenerative rheumatics affections

  • infectious diseases, febrile moods, pulmonary inflammations
    the presence of the  cardiac peace maker or other simulators
    thrombosis and thrombophlebitis
    the  wounded tegument  areas (infections, dermatosis, wounds )
    malign tumors or cutaneous areas subject to irradiations, suspicion of cancer
    metallic implants
    circulatory ailment