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Vitamin Boost
A vitaminized skin which is protected against the harmful factors of the environment and can be recognied by its healthy aspect. The products of this treatment have a rciha texture and active ingredients which hydrate the complexation and neck. Through this treatment you assure the vitamins needed, to estabilize the sebum secretio, it stimulates the collagen production and strenghtens the cellular membrane.

225.00 lei

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  • The skin which needs regeneration, hydration
  • Wrinkles
  • Tern skin, lack of vitality
  • Unbalanced complexation, sensitive
  • Dark circle around your eyes, edema.
  • A boost of ebergy of the skin
  • Intensive vitaminization of the skin
  • It increases the skin’s rezistence against the harmfull factors of the environment
  • It stimulates the syntesis of collagen
  • To have a smooth complexation, firm and full of vitality.
  • Local or general infectious affections
  • Inflamatory and infectious affections of the skin
  • Any type of contagious disease
  • Epilepsy.