Why Orhideea Sport

A new and more spacious fitness room specially designed to inspire and motivate in your training.

Fitness room with lots of light and fresh air

because a suitable environment for sports means effective trainings. Natural light stimulates physical activity and fresh air helps with effective oxygenation and increases resistance to effort.

Exclusive sauna

because after each intense workout you need a complete muscle and mental relaxation, detoxification and skin revitalization. We recommend the sessions to last maximum 15 minutes. Hydrate yourself to avoid salt and mineral loss.

Dedicated website for shopping, appointments and information

because your time is the most important. You create an account on the website and you can check your consumption history anytime, or you can shop or make online appointments.

Group fitness new classes like TRX, Rebound and Bosu

because motivation increases when you do sports in a group and the fun makes your activities even more enjoyable.

Dedicated trainers

We are glad to be at your disposal during your training. The Fitness Trainers’ assistance is free (it is included in your monthly pass or in the day pass fee). Our trainers supervise the hall and they give assistance to the customers. Do not forget, you paid for these services!