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Share the benefits and joy of a massage with someone you love! Two therapists will massage you both, simultaneously. You and your loved one will have a special experience while this massage is being delivered to you in the cozy atmosphere of the couple massage room.

Terapii de Cuplu

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SPA Rituals – 4 in 1

A detoxification cure for your skin, with mint and green tea fragrance. The green tea plants contain natural ingredients- green tea, red tea, white tea and tea leaves.
The elixir of holistic health - a marvelous blend of honey and lavender in a nourishing and relaxing ritual.
Wine therapy - the secret of never ending youth… Refresh yourself with tis energizing and rejuvenating ritual.
The energy of nature in a health cure for body, mind and spirit: herbal & cereal scrub
Sweet and flavorful blend of tropical fruits in an exquisite de-aging ritual…
A delicious chocolate fantasy in this antistress and detoxifying ritual.
Enjoy this cleansing and purifying body ritual inspired by the Oriental culture!