Membership Benefits

SPA is about taking care of your body by means of a various therapies: exfoliation that will remove dead cells and impurities away from the surface of your skin, wrapping that will detoxify, reinvigorate and hydrate the skin. Other anti-aging or cellulite reduction masks or treatments are also available. Costumed treatments can be made especially for you depending on each need of the person.

Body Treatments

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*All Spa Therapies have access included to the Relaxation Area: Artificial Salt Mine, Tepidarium and Auditorium.

**Scheduling a therapy can be done after paying it. The validity of the therapies is 6 months from the date of purchase.

***Aqua entrance for Spa Therapies buyers is 10 EUR / person.
The rate is applicable, on the same day, in the area of Swimming Pools, Hammam, Saunas, Ice & Fire Area and Relaxation Area with sunbeds heated with infrared lamps, to persons who have purchased a therapy.

Informative pictures: click here to see what the digital voucher looks like si here to see the voucher in physical format.

Relaxing Massages

Swedish relaxation massage contains a combination of main maneuver, fine maneuvers, uniforms and long, calming which reduces the nerves’ sensibility and produce warming, relief and decongestion.
The relaxing massage with candle warmed aromatic oils. A massage conceived for the stimulation of the senses, using special wax from essential oils.
Aloha! Being practiced for thousands of years by the Aborigines of Hawaii, Lomi Lomi Kahuna Massage is recognized in the modern world as a body-mind-soul therapy.
A mini-massage addressed to head, shoulder and upper back areas to remove the negative effects of emotions.
Exquisite touch, deep relaxation, one of the most pleasurable spa experience.
Hot stone massage is a great, warming treatment, any time of year.
A relaxing massage for body and face with herbal aromatic oils has the effect of reduceing stress physically , emotionally and intellectually.