Membership Benefits

Choose a massage to relax at the spa. A weekly massage session will help you reduce muscular and articular pains, eliminate the toxins, boosts your immunity and makes you feel much better.

Relaxing Massages

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Mini Spa Treatments

Add the healing power of the water to any therapy! Vichy hydro massage showers clean, relax and energize the body pleasantly through the alternative pressure and temperature of water jets.
A warm touch... Heated volcanic stones help to relax the back muscles and improve blood supply, favoring oxygenation, cellular exchanges, removing lactic acid and other metabolites.
Have you ever tried the acupuncture without needles? This ancient Japanese method, shiatsu, is defined by exerting gentle pressure and manipulation of the skin.
The lymphatic circulation has the role of transportation of the residues.
No more heavy and tired legs! The remedy is an exfoliation and foot massage using menthol oil for mild cooling effect.
Preso-puncture basis on the control of some organs and/ or systems through the elimination of the existing blockings.
Refresh your senses! Hot towels are placed on the face to stimulate circulation and then cold stones are used to reduce inflammation.
Facial Massage with warm and cold volcanic stones.
Spa Facial Ritual is a delightful facial mini-treatment for relaxation and hydratation in six steps : cleansing, toning, peeling, mask, anti-stress eye compress and moisturizer.