Is a unique concept in facial treatments which incorporates 5 revolutionary technologies that can be combined all together in one treatment or that can be used alone in order to address specific complexion issues.

Microdermabrasion with diamond particles – it exfoliates the skin deeply, increasing collagen and elastin production, it helps cellular regeneration and it enhances the overall look of the skin; it stimulates the epidermis and blood circulation, eliminating skin pigmentation and age spots.

According to dermatologists, facial treatment by microdermabrasion is considered to be the most efficient, up to date treatment for cleansing, refreshing and regeneration of the skin.

Hyperbaric Oxygen – 98% pure, under pressure oxygen penetrates the most profound layers of your skin, enhancing cellular respiration and stimulating blood circulation.

Virtual Mesotherapy – favors the penetration of active ingredients, it greatly increases skin permeability for both ionic and nonionic substances by creating a reversible lipid bilateral aqueous channel, allowing those substances to be introduced and absorbed into the skin’s dermis layer.

Multipolar Radiofrequency – enhances blood circulation and collagen production, restoring a lifting aspect to the face.

Oxygen Photon Mask with Soft Infrared Laser – a mask with infrared light and hyperbaric oxygen that stimulates cellular metabolism, accelerates blood circulation, restores tonus and elasticity to the skin and it has a strong anti-aging effect.

Oxygenera-Pro Facial Treatments

from 265.00  ron

from 265.00 ron
  • A quick treatment to refresh the skin. It offers a luminous, firm skin even from the first session.
  • This treatment combines two functions of the Oxigenera Pro device, according to needs and particularities of each type of skin.

from 250.00  ron

from 250.00 ron
  • The periocular area is very sensitive and delicate, therefore special care is needed. The area around the eyes is especially affected by fatigue, stress, aging. Fine lines and dark circles are the first signs of premature aging. A complete treatment to hydrate and revitalize the periocular area is absolutely necessary to maintain a luminous, young look.

from 425.00  ron

from 425.00 ron
  • Oxigenera Pro is a facial treatment that helps cellular oxygenation and regeneration. It offers immediate results with an instant lifting effect, it is used to treat post acne scars, pigmented spots and it restores the uniform texture of the skin

from 115  ron

from 115.00 ron
  • Aging, excessive exposure to the sun , pollution and stress are factors which lead to premature aging of the complexation and as a result there are the wrinkles, the loss of elasticity and the luminosity of the tegument. The process of aging is determined by the loss of blood in the tissues so the loss of oxygen at the cellular level.