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Health & Revigorating Therapies

More energetic, healthier! Holistic treatments based on drainage, detoxification and elimination of accumulated stresses.

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Body Treatments

Tired or having muscle and joints pain? Enjoy this 3 in 1 treatment that combines the benefits of hand massage with warm –cold showers and volcanic aromatic moor application.
Stop to back pains! A fast and efficient remedy consisting of a complex of procedures.
Get back your energy! A fully hammam treatment that combines exfoliation process with alternative hot and cold rinses.
Take advantage of one of the best treatments to combat cellulite!
Let your body cheered by a tropical rain! This wet therapy combines the herbal scrub benefits with the relaxing Vichy shower to purify, detoxify, soothe and soften the skin.
A holistic treatment recuperation of the skin health.
An elixir of health... This manual lymphatic drainage followed by applying a body & face honey mask that favor mobilization and elimination of harmful waste from the body.
A healthy and vitalizing cocktail, in one corporal treatment for the hydration and recovery of the skin's elasticity.
Chocolate through al your pores! A pampering experience consisting of a full body exfoliation, continued with a pure chocolate wrap, which detoxifies.
Is your skin sensitive, dry, irritated or sunburned? Enjoy this cleansing and purifying body treatment made with a creamy herbal scrub!
The moor therapy is known all over the world for its curative qualities, especially for the skin’s chronicle or inflammatory affections and muscles and articulations