Physio-therapy has an important role in the medical recovery program and includes various electrical procedures that aim to obtain myorelaxant, vasculotrophic and calming effects and neurovegetative regulation.

Physio-therapy can be used to treat and restore various osteoarticular, degenerative, neurological, respiratory conditions, as well as muscle pain or various traumatic injuries suffered by athletes.

The main effects of physiotherapy are: pain relief, reduced inflammation, muscle relaxation.

Physiotherapy subscriptions can be obtained only after a consultation with a doctor specialized in medical recovery.

Consultation program:

  • Every Monday, between: 9am – 12am
  • Every Thursday, between: 4pm – 7pm.

Price : 180 lei

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Very important!

In order for the doctor to evaluate potential contraindications and at the same time determine the best treatment for you, we recommend to bring to the consultation : blood tests, other types of investigations, MRIs, CTs and X-rays.



Electrotherapy uses electric current to obtain physiological and therapeutic effects on the human body: - dynamic current, TENS, Interferential currents.


Electrostimulation represents the muscular stimulation with the help of impulses by an electrical device and are transmitted with the help of special electrodes to the muscles that are stimulated which generate contractions to them. It can be used successfully to increase the muscular strength during trainings and an efficient recovery for patients partially or totally immobilized and also an efficient method to recover professional athletes. Electrostimulation is recommended successfully for strengthening the muscles in case of kyphose, scoliosis and flatfoot.

Deep Oscillation

It is a unique method of treatment which intensifies the manual types of the therapy. (lymphatic drainage massage). Deep oscillation is a new instrument of physiotherapy that applies an intermittent electrostatic field with deep oscillations in order to stimulate the transportation of interstitial liquid and its components and allow the tissue to regain it’s mobility and flexibility. The treatment is made with the help of manual applicators.


Ultrasound is a procedure with analgesic and muscle relaxant effects, that offers benefits for a multitude of muscles, joints or soft tissue disorders. Ultrasonophoresis is a medical treatment in which a medical substance is introduced inside the body with the help of the ultrasound energy. The fundamental effect, which is the base for all the other effects and mechanisms activated by the ultrasonic applications, is the warming of the deep structures due to the mechanic effect the ultrasounds transmit to the structures.


The laser is a procedure that applies a luminous radiation which is absorbed at the cutaneous level (a few mm) to improve and accelerate the natural healing procedures of the body. The effects of the laser treatment are: recovery of the wounded tissues and slowly disappearance of hematomas , nerves recovery and reduction of edemas.

Magnetic Field

Magneto therapy is a non-aggressive therapeutic method based on the magnetic component effect of the electromagnetic field on the human tissue. The main effects are vessel dilatation, analgesia, mio-relaxation and reduction of the inflammation.


It includes different procedures that warm the surface or deep tissues, procedures that can be electric, with infrared radiations or with paraffin. The effect of the thermotherapy are mio-relaxing and analgesic to which the effects of the substances used is added (mud and paraffin).


Moor has certain natural properties of healing which was used from old times. It stimulates the blood circulation and helps eliminating toxins.


For hyperactive patients, a diet without salt is recommended during the treatment


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Magneto therapy is a  non-aggressive therapeutic method  on the base  of the  of the  magnetic  component effect of the electromagnetic field upon the human tissue.  The  main effects upon of the tissues  are vessel dilatation, the analgesia, mio-relaxation and the reduction of the inflammation
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  • 2x Consultation Doctor of medical recovery.
  • 12 physiotherapy sessions (depending on the physician's recommendation, includes an unlimited number of procedures)
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  • 2x Medical Doctor Consultation Consultant.
  • 12 physiotherapy sessions (depending on the physician's recommendation, includes an unlimited number of procedures);
  • 12 kinesitherapy sessions (sessions are individual - kinetotherapist - patient, according to the doctor's recommendation, the goals and methods recommended by the doctor are respected);

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