A special event can be celebrated the other way: a different setting with a different kind of treatment, only this time its a spa treatment. Either it is private party or a corporate event, the Spa Party was made so that you and your friends/colleagues enjoy special moments in a more pleasant, healthier way.The spa therapies and the need to socialize make here the perfect combination.
* Prices are per person and they include access to Tepidarium, relaxing area, showers and locker rooms. You also get complimentary robes, towels and slippers.
** In the relaxing area you will find different kinds of tea, water and fruits, free of charge.

185.00 lei
185.00 185.00  lei
Actual duration 60 min
  • Take your girlfriends at the spa and dream about a tropical holiday.
  • Papaya and Pineapple body scrub
  • Swedish relaxation massage
  • Access included to Relaxing Area

90.00 lei
90.00 90.00  lei
Actual duration 30 min
  • Celebrate your birthday at spa with your closer friends.
  • Facial relaxation mini treatment
  • or
  • Aromatic relaxation massage
  • Access included to Relaxing Areas

150.00 lei
150.00 150.00  lei
Actual duration 50 min
  • Pamper yourself and your girlfriends with one day at spa.
  • Fruits body scrub
  • or
  • Six steps mini facial treatment
  • Antistress head, neck &
  • shoulders Massag
  • Access included to Relaxing Areas

125.00 lei
125.00 125.00  lei
Actual duration 30 min
  • Take care of your skin, take your friends and be forever young with roses aromas.
  • Roses antiaging body wrap
  • Facial massage with roses nectar
  • Access included to Relaxing Areas

200.00 lei
200.00 200.00  lei
Actual duration 60 min
  • Celebrate with your wedding with your brides made at the spa.
  • Aromatic face and body massage
  • or
  • Aromatic Fruits full body scrub and wrap
  • Sparkling wine
  • Access included to Relaxing Areas.

145.00 lei
145.00 145.00  lei
Actual duration 55 min
  • Take your friends and be stress less with this great therapy.
  • Lavender oil Swedish relaxation massage
  • Hot stone back mini massage
  • Hot towel cold stone facial massage
  • Access included to Relaxing Areas

260.00 lei
260.00 260.00  lei
Actual duration 90 min
  • Relaxing moments and self care ritual for you and your friends.
  • Figs and dates full body scrub
  • Relaxation massage with figs and date shea butter
  • Six steps mini facial therapy
  • Access included to Relaxing Areas

110.00 lei
110.00 110.00  lei
Actual duration 35 min
  • Pamper your friends at spa with a surprise party.
  • Antistress head, neck & shoulders massage
  • Shiatsu facial treatment
  • Access include to Relaxing Areas