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Medical kinethology studies the neuromuscular and articular mechanisms which assure the man the normal motric activities, concering at the same time the inregistration, analization and correction of the short neuromuscularartcular mechanisms, The limitation of the motric activity can determine the following causes: decrease of the muscar strenghth or contracture, muscular spasm, diminuaton of the mobility, lack of movemenst coordinaton.

Physical Therapy

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Therapeutic Massages

Yamaimo therapy is a traditional Japanese therapy which includes a set of manual therapeutic procedures.
The traditional Thai massage combines the chiropractic and acupuncture with acrobatic exercises of stretching of all muscles, borrowed from yoga.
The sport massage helps the athletes so prepare the muscles for performance , to recover after an event or to have be fit during the trainings .
Relax, recharge and heal your body... A regular deep tissue massage is incredibly relaxing.
Forget about discomfort with this therapeutic massage that aims the release of tensions, pains and blockages! The therapist makes slow movements using its elbows.
A healing touch... This customized therapeutic massage is designed to alleviate chronic muscular pain caused by postural deficiencies.