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Recovery Sport Massage

The sport massage helps the athletes to prepare the muscles for performance , to recover after an event or to have be fit during the trainings.

The sport massage is also benefic to the people with wounds or chronical pains and people perfect healthy. Includes multiple maneuver from the somatic massage as from other techniques ( deep tissue, lymphatic drainage ) , applied in an intuitive way, technique that itself improves the sportive performances.This massage includes a series of basic manipulations and stretching maneuvers to improve the physical condition of the athlete, by eliminating certain pains, as well as the mental and physical tiredness


190.00 lei

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  • Sedentary people, with less muscular power
  • After training
  • During the competitions
  • During the recovery and medical recovery
  • In case of physical exhustion
  • Improves the sportive performances
  • Atenuates the pains
  • The physical improvement of the sportive
  • Eliminates the mental and physical tiredness
  • Reduced obilit person
  • Febrile states
  • Haemophilia
  • Varicous veins, thrombosis and phlebitis
  • Acute traumas
  • Open wounds
  • Ligament fracture
  • Articular hypertension
  • Cardiac and/ or severe pulmonary affections