Medical Taping
Medical taping is a wrapping technique designed to facilitate the natural process of healing of organs, confering at the same time support and stability of the muscular and articulations without limiting the movements, same as the possibility of manipulation of soft tissues trough manual therapues to prolong the benefits of it.It is treted successfully a large variety of orthopedic affections, neuromuscular, neurological other medical conditions, by ameliorating the pains, the facility of lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, the reducation of affected areas and improving the articular and muscular functions.

85.00 lei

Duration 15 min

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Product Description

The neuromuscular wrap together with kinetotherapy and its complementary methods – massage, hidrokinetotherapy and thermotherapy with saunas ,representing “ a therapeutical unit” necessary and efficient, addressing to a various type of affections and to a large number or people” from children to old people.

Between the affections treated with the method medical taping can be found:

  • orthopaedic affections and post trauma: sprains, cricks, problems of vertrebal pressure, scoliosis, deformation of the spine;
  • articular degenerative reumathical affections:spondylose, gonarthroses, coxarthroses;
  • peripherica neurological affections: headache, neuritis caused by the herniated disc;
  • central neurological bones affections, after trauma or brain vascular accidents;
  • post herps pains;