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Antistress Head, Neck & Shoulders

A mini-massage addressed to head, shoulder and upper back areas to remove the negative effects of emotions, intense intellectual efforts or rigid positions at the office, like: headache, eye pain, cervical spine tension, muscle pain, insomnia.

This massage removes discomfort and induces a state of relaxation and calm. We use only organic oil without any smell.

90.00 lei

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  • People working under high stress
  • Migraine, muscular pains, insomnia
  • Chronical tiredness
  • Eliminates the states of stress and anxiety
  • Elimination of muscular and articulations tensions, at cervical level
  • Improves the quality of the sleep
  • The improving of headache
  • Induces a general relaxation
  • Cutanate affections of infectious and/or inflamatory nature
  • Acute febrile affections
  • Cardiac and severe pulmonary affections
  • Arterial hiper blood pressure
  • Epilespy