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Herbal Compress Thai Facial Massage
Preso-puncture basis on the control of some organs and/ or systems through the elimination of the existing blockings, in an relaxing way, utilizing compresses of plants. The plants react at the vibrational and energetic level, the vibration resonates with human cellular vibration, correcting the problems.

100.00 lei

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  • People with a high level of stress
  • Accumulated tiredness
  • Establish the emotional balance
  • The improvement of simptomathology: migraine, cephalalgia, sinusitis
  • Helps the process of toxins elimination
  • Energizing effect and stimulation of SNC
  • Accelerates the assimilation of the oxygen at the cellular level general relaxation
  • Local or general severe infections
  • Acne
  • Inflammatory and infectious affections of the skin severe cardiac affections in which the heat could lead to puls disorder and blood pressure
  • Bronchial asthma, hiper -thyroid
  • Febrile states
  • Epilepsy